Opening the Doors of the Anaxial’s Ark – hundreds of beasts escape

Anaxial’s Ark has opened its doors and the multitudes of Gloranthan insects, land and sea animals and various chaos and darkness beings that escaped have taken the RQ Encounter tool beyond 1700 template mark to generate enemies from.  There should be now enough insects to feed the largest troll army and quite a variety of broos. Among the latest templates created are the following.

Uz lands

  • Dark Troll Sorceror
  • Kozoru, Shadow Vampire
  • Dehori – Grasping Hands plus tuning of most of the shades
  • Party: Flying Trollkin
  • Bison – Chaos Herd
  • Bull Broo, Thed Initiate
  • Bullsitch
  • Chaos Wasp
  • Chaos Wolf
  • Chaotic Giant Constrictor Snake
  • Chicken Broo
  • Cloud of Chaotic Gas
  • Crocodile Broo
  • Hellwood Dryad gardener
  • Horse Broo
  • Hungry Eater
  • Krarshtkid Broo
  • Scorpion Broo
  • Stake Snake

Land Animals

  • Alligator
  • Bonacon
  • Diplodocus
  • Fell Wolf
  • Giant Vrok Hawk
  • Giant Worm
  • Glyptodon
  • Golden lion, Male & Female
  • Great Wolf
  • Horned Wolf
  • Nasobeme
  • Rhea
  • Storm Tiger
  • Woolly Serpent
  • Changa (Giant Cricket)
  • Giant Beetle
  • Giant Bloodgnat
  • Giant Dragonfly
  • Giant Elkhorn Beetle
  • Giant Fly
  • Giant Leech
  • Giant Peripatus
  • Giant solpugid
  • Giant Whipscorpion
  • Giant Woodlouse
  • Ham Beetle
Sea & Rivers
  • Flocks of Piranha (small to enormous)
  • Giant Shark
  • Ichtyosaur
  • Kronosaur
  • Sea Horse
  • Sea Lion
  • Seal
  • Walrus
  • Whale
  • Dringi, Free Jolanti
  • Fachan
  • Gordayan
  • Hollri
  • Lycanthropy Spirit
  • Serpent Guardian
  • Spirit Wolf

It is easy to search for templates you need, just select either home, enemies or parties page and fill out the search criteria by typing a word or words and/or select an filter.

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