Back to the Roots – Returning to Snakepipe Hollow

Back in the very early days there was a wonderful scenario for Runequest called Snakepipe Hollow and then RQ Adventures did a return to the Snakepipe Hollow 20 years ago. For Runequest 6 one would surely need worthy opponents in Snakepipe Hollow.  For nostalgia’s (and education’s sake) added the missing enemies. Many of the ones were already existing and created just a tag for them. Here are few – updated for RQ6 – some of them are somewhat deadlier than in the original.

Both Hands of Chaos are it again.

There are a few obscure ones that have not been seen in publications since Snakepipe Follow like

Some existing parties have been updated and placed into Snakepipe Hollow. Use a filter with name “Nest of Chaos” in Party Encounters  and press the “Do you Feel Lucky” button – you’ll see a party appropriate for the Heart of Chaos in Snakepipe Hollow. It will include among other parties

  • Broo Raiders and Broos on the Road for Ragnaglar and Thed.
  • Dark Troll Hunting Party and a war party
  • Dragonewt Ambassador, Expedition, Revenge Mission and Dragonewts on Warpath
  • Ogre Trading Caravan and an Ogre Hunting Party
  • Some desperate Sartarites with Sartar Earthshakers
  • Scorpionmen Raiding parties
  • Unruly Giants
  • Thanatari Headhunting Mission from nearby Engoli tribe
  • Tusk Rider party and Urain Foul Wind Party

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