Uz of Shadows Dance – Trollball and Other Troll Pursuits from Dagori Inkarth

It is time to return to Dagori Inkarth and visit the famed Skyfall Lake and see the Uz at their best – at a Trollball match. Based on “Into the Troll Realms” which contains the two famous Trollball teams here is a way to create your own Trollball teams with the rules tuned for RQ6. Full rules exist in the “Into the Troll Realms” but an abbreviated version will be found with the “Trollball Staff”
Should you anger your hosts they might set a pursuit pack on you or two.
Should you escape the hunters – you might encounter

Most of the trolls have now been updated with the “Hate the Sun”, “Vulnerable to Iron” and other abilities needed.

You will find more troll parties and enemies with filters Uz and Uz lands.

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