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Healing Charts Refined for Mythras

The Healing and Wounds chart has been revamped. The new version has the Healing & Medicine spirits and Cure Malady Runespell effects added. The spirit rules contain interpretation from the design mechanism forums how one should heal poison with the spirits.

Also the rules page references to Mythras 3rd printing were added.

There was also some tuning for readability.

The new version of the chart is here.


It is also available in the Mythras chart pages. 

Crunch Mode in Mythras – Combat Effects of Weapon / Shield Sizes and Reach

Here are some crunchy bits from Mythras. The optional rules for weapon range effects on combat can produce additional tactical choices. To help the tacticians among you to do some optimizing without doing mathematics here are some tables for you

I combined experimentally all the weapon size and reach information to provide easy look up tables for what weapons are effective for closing to short distance or opening to longer distance. The tables should contain all the weapons in Mythras, Monster Island, AiG and the Eastern Weapons charts.

So for example from the “Shorter Weapons Reach” table you can see that if attacker closes in with one handed mace to inside the effective reach of long spear – the long spear user cannot parry and its size is considered to be small (drops two sizes) so the long spear in defense will only stop half the damage.


In addition when the long spear user tries to attack it will give max 1d3+1 damage and its size is reduced by 2 – so even a small weapon will stop all the damage and mace is medium in size. Normally mace could only stop half the damage from long spear.

But if the attacker can keep the attacker at its long range (“Longer Weapon Reach“)  – mace can only attack the spear itself while long spear user could use the long spear normally.2018-12-01_21-24-36

This can be quite interesting when attacker closes in to unarmed combat.

I also created a “parry and passive blocking to stop Damage” table to show how various defenders’ weapons are effective in blocking the attackers weapon – either in a parry or in passive blocking.2018-12-01_21-25-45

These are included also in the Mythras Charts page

Encyclopedia of Mythras Combat Style Traits

Here is a list of many combat style traits that I have adopted or will adopt into my campaign. Currently the list is above 60 traits.

It contains the combat style traits from the following official publications:

  • Mythras Core,  Mythic Rome, AiG, Mythic Constantinople, Monster Island.

In addition to these official ones it contains few from RangerDan’s campaign and Raleel’s Martial Arts Combat style traits.

The unarmed set alone is quite an expansion to the ones in Mythras Core. The way I am planning to bring the unarmed ones on is to create schools that have some of these available – like the ones that come from Mythic Constantinople. Raleel’s set already has several that quite nicely will form a school as they depend on each other.

You will be able to vary your combat styles quite nicely by choosing a small set of “cultural” or brotherhood weapons (1-3) and adding one, maybe two combat style traits on it.

The list is available here

..and it is of course also updated in the Mythras Charts and Tables page

Updated Charts for Mythras – Spirit Combat as new chart

Here are some updated charts for Mythras.

New charts:

Updated charts

Updates include

  • Mythras 3rd Printing changes incorporated (for example Drop Foe, Spoil Spell). Page number references corrected to point to correct places in the Mythras
  • Clarifications on Prepare Counter, Grip/grappling and Impale.
  • Some readability issues fixed. The default font has been changed to Baskerville and some charts have Sava Pro
  • On the situational modifiers more used modifiers stand out a bit more clearly
  • The trademark texts fixed

The rest of the Mythras Charts are here


Mini charts for Mythras

I created two mini charts for Mythras for really often needed charts. I attach them to the top of my GM screen with a transparent tape.

Difficulty grade progression.

Fatigue progression


Classic Fantasy Monsters for Mythras With Some Blood Tide Welling In

Classic Fantasy is a Mythras supplement for dungeoneering in the percentile world. Here are some of the monsters (some of them classics we grew to love in the early days of RPGs) in the Mythras Encounter Generator format.

There are also some encounters adapted from the evocative Blood Tide supplement for pirate campaigns.

For the fun of it here is an undead variety of the crocodile of the Pamaltelan continent.

You will likely find more useful encounters with the Encounter Generator. There are users guides to finding encounters and creating encounters and monsters

What Did I, My Parents and Grandparents And Siblings Do Before Hero Wars started

I created a way to generate pregen characters  earlier on for the Encounter Generator. I wanted to tie the pregenerated characters into the history of Glorantha. So in those I also included information about the family history for four generations – from the current time to Great Grand Parents days. Family history was connected to Gloranthan Timelines around Dragon Pass area roughly. Gloranthan timeline events come from Guide to Glorantha, Wyrms Footnotes and other sources. In that first version there was only one deed per each timeline event like in the below examples.

  • In 1563 at Elder Wilds GrandFather was caravan guard when Last Vizkinni king Partobas the Bold raises the wrath of Lunar Provincial Commander
  • In 1589 at Lunar Empire Father saw when Jar-Eel goes to Fronela expedition and overcomes the Syndic’s Ban

Here is a small table expanding those deeds that your blood relatives might have done. Deeds vary from small to large – from benign to evil – from mundane to heroic. This will be eventually incorporated to the pregen in some form . These can be used for the back story of character in character generation – this is system independent – so will work whatever version of Runequest or Mythras or even Heroquest you are running.

So for example you might pick an entry from the list and say that

  • In 1589 at Lunar Empire Father fought a famous duel when Jar-Eel goes to Fronela expedition and overcomes the Syndic’s Ban
  • In 1563 at Elder Wilds GrandFather refused to talk about the time when Last Vizkinni king Partobas the Bold raises the wrath of Lunar Provincial Commander
abandoned faith of the ancestors
ambushed the enemy
attacked enemy encampment
became a hero
became a runelord
became enemies with powerful clan
became friends with a powerful clan
befriended locals
betrayed his/her master
burned a temple
burned a village
was busy fighting chaos
dabbled with dark forces
dabbled with sorcery
devoted oneself to the cult
died in the action
died fighting chaos
disappeared for a long time
embezzling company's money
embraced the enemy faith 
encountered chaos
was enslaved
escaped the bloodbath
escaped the caravan
fled for his life
fought a famous duel
fought for freedom
fought hard
found the family treasure
rose high in the cult
was banished from the cult
was famous for his/her herd
was famous for his/her prize bull
became a member of the ring/council/inner circle/general staff
fraternized with enemy
got ambushed
got an epithet
got craving to go to sea
got famous
got famous as a chaos killer
got involved with a vendetta
got married
got rich selling beer
had to flee the home region
was claimed to have child/ren outside the clan
was imprisoned
gained 50 herd animals in a raid
fell in love with wandering minstrel and left the family
had dealings with dwarves
had dealings with elves
acquired a Grazelander Goldeneye horse
went berserk and saved the day
was carried on his/her shield from the battlefield
joined the outlaws
joined a Heroband
killed 7 enemies
killed enemy priest and his entourage
laughed at the grave of the enemy
lost a fortune
lost ones’ mind seeing the carnage
made a fortune
made a powerful enemy
made friends with trolls
married from outside the clan
met lifemate
never came back
offended the authorities
participated in the atrocities
refused to talk about the time
retired from active life
retired from the world
embraced the Lunar way
fought the chaos in Snakepipe Hollow
never returned from Snakepipe Hollow
succeeded in a Heroquest
failed in a Heroquest
came back changed 
came back as a broken person
never left the village after coming back
was hounded by a spirit the rest of her/his days
seeked forgetfulness from alcohol/narcotic substances the rest of his/her days
spent rest of his/her days seeking penance from the deeds done 
saw the events of
saw the light and converted
saw the refugees suffering
served the dark forces
served the enemy
smuggled contraband
stole a treasure
travelled to distant land
was a body guard to a ruler
was a caravan guard
was a guard on a merchant ship
was a spirit talker
was a spy
was a Trickster
was absent from duty
was an unwitting pawn of chaos
was around
was asked odd questions by a stranger and was said to become illuminated
was barely surviving
was branded as a coward
was branded as a traitor
was captured
was caravan guard 
was defending the village
was drafted to the expedition
was drunk the whole time
was embezzling his/her master's money during
was falsely accused of a crime or unworthy deed
was famed thruout the region as the master of his/her skill
was famous for depravities
was fighting as a mercenary
was fighting for our lives 
was fighting for the freedom
was for many years consort in a ruling family
was hardened criminal
was hiding from the authorities
was in the camp
was in the city 
was in the city and got rich 
was in the counter raid 
was in the courtyard
was in the field
was in the relief expedition
was in the service of sorceror from the west
was in the service of the sorcerors beyond the sea
was lost at sea
was one of the first to see
was outlawed
was part of
was part of the army. 
was part of the caravan
was part of the work crew
was promoted
was rightly accused of a crime or unworthy deed but escaped the retribution
was spoofed by a Trickster
was suffering in
was taking advantage of the situation
was the lone survivor
was the party animal of the generation
went along

Now all of the above are available when generating for example a priest in Sartar.

Here an example generated…

Our History in Dragon Pass – My GreatGrandPa: In 1539 at Dragon Pass GreatGrandMother died in the action when Dragonewts Dream. Phantom dragonewts appear throughout Dragon Pass and surrounding lands carrying out mysterious rituals and other tasks.

Our History in Dragon Pass – My Grand Parents: In 1580 at Lunar Empire GrandFather lost ones’ mind seeing the carnage when Lunar Empire made trade treaty with Ralzakark

Our History in Dragon Pass – My Parents: In 1609 at Dragon Pass Mother embraced the enemy faith when Boar Hunt: Persistent raiding by tusk riders rallied their foes and many lands sent their best hunters and warriors to hunt down the raiders. Success was – as usual – questionable

Our History in Dragon Pass – My Time: In 1619 at Holy Country member of my family (me or my sibling or my cousin) was famous for depravities when Ditali raided Esrolia

On the following round need to look at some of the syntax – there seem to be some missing words here and there.

Link Your Gloranthan Character with Gloranthan History

One of the easiest ways to get your players tied to the Gloranthan background is to have them read one of the fabulous “What My Father Told Me” about their Gloranthan culture and one of the “What Everyone Knows About XXX” – for example this for Afadjann in Fonrit. Some of them are linked here. One could also ask the players to read Cults of Prax or even parts of Guide to Glorantha but that might be asking a lot of them.

Here is a new way of integrating character to Gloranthan history and environment. It uses the information in Gloranthan Timelines where the historical events of Glorantha are tied to generations of family.

Here is an example of the links produced.

Our History in Dragon Pass – My GreatGrandPa: In 1538 at Dragon Pass my GreatGrandFather was part of Palashee Longaxe Rebellion and overthrow of Lunars 

Our History in DragonPass – GrandPa: In 1569 at Dragon Pass my GrandFather was in the camp Jarosar, king of Sartar killed by Lunar spirits

Our History in Dragon Pass – My Parents: In 1605 at Holy Country my Father was fighting as a mercenary when Building Wall Battle thwarts invasion of the Lunar Empire into the Holy Country. 

Our History in Dragon Pass – My Time: In 1613 at Dragon Pass member of my family (me or my sibling or my cousin) fought for freedom in Starbrow’s Rebellion- Outraged by Lunar presence and urged by social unrest – Sartarites rebelled in force and temporarily expelled the Lunar Army. Lunars regrouped and defeated the rebels 

It contains all of the historical dates published in Guide to Glorantha, Wyrms Footnotes and couple of other publications. It ties them down to what the family member of that generation was doing on that event. This very first version only have the paternal ancestors, next one will contain also maternal ancestors and more variation. Currently it only tackles Dragon Pass and the immediate surroundings but eventually will return to my current favorite area Fonrit.

Background generation generates also parent, sibling and extended family information in addition to connections and family reputation all generated according to Mythras/Rq6. In addition it also generates generic background events.

You can generate all of this by using an Encounter Generator party called

You will also find that the Pregenerated Characters for your games contain this information either for all or some generations.




Pregenerated Characters for One Off Mythras Scenarios – Standard Barbarians

There are situations where you need quickly either many or a single pre generated character. You might be running a one off and do not want to spend any time for creating the characters. There might have been a very nice total party kill early in the game night and players want to still continue. There might have been even an unlucky character death in the middle of the evening. In all these cases you just want to get back to the railroad.

Encounter Generator solves this neatly for Mythras and old RQ6. Here is a first quickie fix for the problem. Here is a pregenerated characters party that can be used both in Sartar or Prax or even non Gloranthan environment. Characters are at novice level. Generation follows majority of the steps included in the chargen – cultures, careers, appropriate weapons for three different professions that seem to be universal.

Here are all of them in a pack

All of these could be easily used also in non Gloranthan settings by changing the language names and shield names. In case of combat styles – just change the names. If you want to allow only one combat trait for a character – select one of those.

Later on I will publish more pregens for other professions and civilizations.

Here is a link to the Charts that the GM might need and the way Encounter Generator can be used to support game night.  If you need a tavern to let the group meet – here are several. Markets are just nearby.


Mythras (and old RQ6) Magic Situational Modifiers

In the hunt for the perfect GM reference material and GM Screen I created reference sheet for spell caster for Magic Situational Modifiers. This gathers all the modifiers for all the forms of Magic into one place. Some of the modifiers are optional – for example wearing armor iron in Glorantha, Monster Island options for orchestrated casting and sympathetic armor.


As always comments are welcome. The file is available here and of course also in the RQ6/Mythras charts page which collects all the charts I have made available (Combat flow, offensive and defensive special effects, healing and wounds, diminish effects, weapons, shields and passive blocking, close and ranged combat situational modifiers, movement and swimming effects, encumbrance calculator, sorcery tools and Gloranthan ships).

GM’s might also find the RQ/Mythras Encounter Generator useful