Meaning of Runes, Rune Associations in Gloranthan Cult One Pagers

It has been now a bit over five years that I have published Gloranthan Cult One Pagers.

The latest installment brings a tiny improvement – version number that is automatically updated with each release of One Pagers. This starts at 5.2 (five years, second release in the fifth year).

The meaning of Runes associated with cults is also now visible as well as rune associations with weapons, metals, colors and so on – if known.

There is also slight tune up for compatibility with other cults mostly for Fonrit area cults.

There is also tune up on the presentation – still slightly tighter on the white space on the print.

This new version of Gloranthan Cults One-pagers adds several items.  This still tries to keep the known cult information from multitude of sources up to date in a single page format – for example RQ, Cults of Prax, Gods of Glorantha, Heroquest Glorantha, Adventures in Glorantha, RQ Glorantha etc. It is a compromise as many of these are a slice of information and from various places in Gloranthan publishing history. It has been done mainly for my Mythras/Adventures in Glorantha campaign but there should be useful bits for any d100 or even non d100 Gloranthan games.

The one pagers can be found in the pantheon specific folders in the main folder.

There is additional information on the one pagers here and  here.

Here is an updated zip file of all the cult one pagers and pantheon sheets. It is uptodate as of today and is occasionally updated when I update individual cults and sheets (this is not currently fully automatic process…)


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