Weapons of RQ6

Compiled here all my weapons related posts into a single page.

Here is an update to Gloranthan and Eastern Weapons  for RQ6 that has current understanding how lunar, dwarves, elves, dragonewts and easterners weapons work in RQ6.

Brief chart for shields, passive blocking from RQ6, AiG, Mythic Britain and Monster Island

Here are some pictures of the Gloranthan weapons

Here is a new pinterest page picturing the eastern weapons.

Most awesome gallery of ancient and medieval amor and weaponry available very neatly catalogued

It is in Pinterest – there are boards for most anything imaginable from ancient amor to vikings amor to early medieval. Here is the link to main page “https://www.pinterest.com/magnusbarbadus/”

Sometimes you might wonder what do the weapons the natives are using look like. I gathered here a small board showing an example of all the weapons listed in Monster Island supplement I could find.These are good as primitive weapons.

Rest of the charts are available here

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