The Sea, The Sea – Gloranthan Ships for RQ6

Glorantha has inspired a largish variety of ships and maritime vessels over time. Most of the sources are out of print, out of date or incomplete. Some of them are not even canon anymore. I decided to gather all of the ships and maritime vessels that have been published and update them to the latest of the ship rules – the gem of a rulebook called Ships & Shieldwalls for RQ6.

Here are the ships The list contains also the physical size information about the ships that has been gathered from all the source material or extrapolated from other ships.


The full list is here

  • Raft, Small
  • Kayak
  • Dugout
  • Rowing Boat
  • War Canoe
  • Small Fishing Boat or Ski
  • Raft, Large
  • Reed Galley
  • River Transport
  • Viking Longboat
  • Small Merchantman/Cog
  • Small Galley
  • Medium Merchantman
  • Bireme
  • Trireme
  • Large Merchantman
  • Hexareme
  • Grain Transport
  • Kareeshtu Warsail
  • Dwarf Floating Castle
  • Elf Gallegas
  • Knorr
  • Kobaya Support Ship
  • Large Cog
  • Maslo Catamaran
  • Seki-Bune Pirateship
  • Waertagi Fastship
  • Xebec
  • Wolf Pirate Penteconter
  • Kralori Barge
  • Black Galley – troll rowed
  • Black Galley – trollkin rowed
  • Black War Galley – Zorak Zoran
  • Haragalan Tallship (New)
  • Haragalan Tallship (Old)
  • Haragalan Tallship (Very Old)
  • Dragonewt Skeletal Ship
  • Submersible Sharkboat
  • Luvatan Merchant
  • Ratuki Requiem Galley
  • Haragalan Merchant
  • Dhow- small
  • Dromond
  • Fonritian Sambuk
  • Dwarven Submarine
  • Vadeli Merchant Ship
  • Duck Patrol Boat

Feedback welcome.

Guest Post: How To Start Playing in Glorantha

Glorantha has so much background material that it sometimes can feel intimidating to enter. In fact it is not. Glorantha is what you make of it.
One of the true old timers among Glorantha gamers is Joerg Baumgartner. He answered a question in the Google+ Glorantha community so well that I asked him for a permission to repost it as a guest post here in Notes From Pavis. At the end of the post I will provide directions to three other earlier posts how to start with Glorantha. 
Here is his post. <updated with a new paragraph on 19 Jan, 2016>

Having fun with games or good reads is the best way to start into Glorantha. You can become the obsessed scholar if or whenever you want. Been there, done that.

Several alleys of exploration are available.

Roleplaying material for gamemasters:
Now with the classical RQ2 supplements (soon) again available (as pdfs), any one of Pavis, Borderlands, Griffin Mountain or Cults of Prax offer an introduction with a very manageable learning curve (though it has to be said that Cults of Prax contains fundamental information on how the gods and their cults work in Glorantha). These place you a bit off center for the prequel of the Hero Wars.

(It might help to put the few pages of background info on Prax in Nomad Gods onto the website, for an even earlier introduction. Or those in the Dragon Pass boardgame, unless Chris is using those in the new boardgame.)

Both the Sartar Campaign and the Pavis book for HeroQuest offer good introductions while putting you in the midst of the big action as it unfolds. Start with reading HeroQuest Glorantha, though.

I have no doubt that the upcoming RuneQuest Glorantha will see some support for introduction into Glorantha. Similar for 13th Age Glorantha, whose accompanying Glorantha setting book (free of any game constructs) probably is going to be the best introduction for playing in the early parts of the Hero Wars.

Computer Game:
King of Dragon Pass lets you play an Orlanthi clan in what becomes the kindom of – not Sartar, but your king, if you play the long game victoriously. While not creating a canonical Sartar, you learn about all the difficulties and challenges Sartar had to overcome to found his kingdom, and you will gain a good insight how Orlanthi clans interact.

And the game can be highly addictive.

The Collected Griselda is set in Pavis and was started as a solo-playing fanfic, but it reads great and offers a very vivid insight in the machinations of the city, its occupators and the resistance. Highly recommended with either the RQ2 Pavis/Big Rubble books or the HeroQuest Pavis book.

King of Sartar is a book for people who enjoy scholarly puzzles, shock full of texts written as in-world documents. One of the major influences which hooked me on Glorantha (after reading the RQ2 Pavis material and the then much smaller Genertela gazetteer that now has been subsumed in the massive Guide).

The Guide to Glorantha is exhaustive, but for first contact with Glorantha also exhausting. Having the pdf as a look-up reference is fine, but I wouldn’t suggest to start exploration of Glorantha by trying to absorb the whole of that massive tome.

Penelope Love published a Gloranthan novel and a shorter collection of short stories via the Chaos Society (Deutsche RuneQuest-Gesellschaft e.V.) which capture a similar RQ2 flair as the Griselda stories.

Roleplaying with an experienced referee/GM/narrator

There is an abundance of conventions where you are guaranteed to find a Gloranthan game (although they might be full, in which case you might be reduced to sitting in watching other people having the fun). 2016 is going to see five conventions with Glorantha as one of their main attractions – Continuum in Leicester, England, Chimeriades in France, Eternal Con and The Kraken in Germany, and the initiative by Chris Lemens the week before Gencon in Texas. Gencon will see Glorantha games, too.

Then there are the possibilities of play-by-hangout, play-by-forum or play-by-email games, all of which can be very rewarding. Often you’ll be able to “sit in” watching other people exploring a small part of Glorantha.

Not guaranteed, but with a certain likelihood these specialized conventions may also offer Glorantha-themed freeform games, a very immersive way to experience the world.

How it all began – the games White Bear and Red Moon (later editions: Dragon Pass) and Nomad Gods are about moving stacks of unit counters across a hex map. Definitely old style wargaming, with a high importance of the magic. Hard to get nowadays, but you ought to be able to find a game at one of those five conventions mentioned above.

Not there yet, but several board game options for exploring Glorantha are going to become available this year:

Chris Klug is working on putting the premise of WBRM/DP into a boardgame with a lot less administrative overhead.

Sandy Petersen’s Gods War, a game similar to Cthulhu Wars but firmly based in Glorantha, and great fun to play, is going into kickstarter within the next two months. If you play this, you’ll get a good insight how the major pantheons of Glorantha interact, and how Glorantha was almost destroyed before History started.

Also on the horizon: a boardgame by Rainer Knizia, with a Praxian theme. Not a continuation of Nomad Gods, but a eurogame.

Exchanging GM info with other GMs in adjacent areas.

I was involved in several such cooperations, such as the Wilmskirk Tribal Federation info exchange which had campaigns for all four tribes putting together their data, or the Whitewall Wiki. As a narrator I felt a lot more secure about presenting a living world by getting feedback from the other campaigns in the neighborhood, discussing scenario ideas and outcomes.

So if you want to have a review board of other Gloranthan GMs, go networking. One of the most recent technologies are private G+ groups where GMs invite interested people to have a look at their campaign and current scenarios. Even if you should get no new input to improve your campaign (an unlikely case), presenting your plans before actually playing them out will make you focus, formulate and fine-tune your ideas. You don’t have to be a GM with 20 years of Glorantha experience. Some of the people who comment or listen in are bound to be, make use of their experience.

This concludes a very nice view from an old hand to those about to enter the wonder that is Glorantha.
Here are three other earlier posts on the same subject

RQ Encounter Generator Creates Lycanthropes in Glorantha

I was reading the RQ2 rulebook electronic version that I received as part of the Kickstarter and noticed that I had missed many of the lycanthropes in the RQ Encounter Generator. Did a bit of search and found that Sandy had done a nice piece on Lycanthropes in Glorantha (I thought it was in Forgotten Secrets of Glorantha but on re-checking cannot find where the original source is) so decided to add all of those

According to Sandy – were jackals do not have a tribe associated with them anymore. All others are Hsunchen

There are other were folk in Glorantha but these are now described.


Chaos Special – There Are Broos Everywhere

Here we celebrate the most fertile of the chaotic races – the broo. They bring life to every party.

Here are a few new ones for Rq Encounter Generator , of which the weasel broos are likely the only ones really dangerous.

Here is an assertion of old ones. They come from multiple sources and places (Dorastor, shadows on Borderlands and various other Praxian supplements or just created for the generator). There are many others, such search for Broo – you can find them using the search functionality 

  • Bear Broo
  • Bison Broo
  • Broo – Desert Raider
  • Broo – Devotee of Primal Chaos
  • Broo – Drool of Krarsht
  • Broo – Focus of Chaos
  • Broo – Ragnaglar Acolyte
  • Broo – Ragnaglar Initiate
  • Broo – Thed High Shaman
  • Broo – Thed Initiate
  • Broo – Thed Shaman
  • Broo – Warrior Novice
  • Broo – Goat
  • Broo – Mallia High Shaman
  • Broo – Mallia Initiate
  • Broo  Malia Shaman
  • Bull Broo
  • Bull Broo, Thed Iniatiate
  • Chicken Broo
  • Crocodile Broo, Thed Initiate
  • Elephant Broo
  • High Llama Broo
  • Horse Broo
  • Krarshtkid Broo
  • Rabbit Broo
  • Rhino Broo, Thed Initiate
  • Scorpion Broo, Thed Initiate
  • Shadow cat Broo
  • Slime Broo (Bodiless)
  • Slime Broo (Cat)
  • Slime Broo(Snail)
  • Slime Broo(Spidery)
  • Slime Broo(Stinking)
  • Slime Broo – Swollen, Priest of Pocharngo
  • Slime Broo Shaman
  • Stegosaurus Broo – Thed Initiate
  • Styracosaurus Broo – Thed & Mallia Initiate
  • Triceratops Broo – Primal Chaos Initiate
  • Tyrannosaurus Broo
  • Zombie Bison Broo
  • Zombie Broo

Some Broo parties are here

Gloranthan and Eastern Weapons update for RQ6

Here is an update to Gloranthan and Eastern Weapons charts for RQ6. It contains new formatting and some new weapons for Gloranthan (Lunar and Fonritian weapons).

Here are the Shields for RQ6 and AiG. Updated Gloranthan weapons and shields have been incorporated to RQ Encounter Generator. 

Here is a new pinterest page picturing the eastern weapons.

Rest of the charts are available here

Lunars have Adventures in Glorantha

Here are the bringers of civilisation, the light of the goddess, the sharp edge of the empire, the thin line between chaos and the world, the word that cannot be spoken, the collectors of the coin that shall be emperor’s, the foot that stomps, keepers of order that must be kept, the long shadow of the bat to come. RQ Encounter Generator welcomes the updated Lunar Provincial troops – the troops that stoutly sacrifice all in the name of the Emperor and the goddess to protect the innocent – and protect above all the interests of the empire from those who would defile it.  Convert and serve the goddess – it is in your best interest… You cannot stop the onslaught – empire (and you) can generate these encounters in unlimited numbers.

These now take into account passions towards locals and the Empire, expanded skill sets from Rq6 and AiG, the Lunar combat styles (Sagittarian Peltast, Lunar Corps Hoplite, Pelorian Cavalry, Antelope Lancer and new weaponry (Moon sword, Khopesh, Kontos and the new shields)). You can also add to your own Lunars a cult which has the common Folk magic spells for Lunar Provincials.

You will see these in Pavis, Sartar and Esrolia.

Lunar Agent

Lunar Peltast

Lunar Peltast Officer

Lunar Peltast Officer on a city patrol

Lunar Peltast on a city patrol

Lunar Hoplite

Lunar Hoplite Officer

Lunar Hoplite Officer on a city patrol

Lunar Hoplite Officer, Danfive Xaron Acolyte

Lunar Hoplite Officer, Danfive Xaron Devotee

Lunar Hoplite Officer, Danfive Xaron Initiate

Lunar Hoplite on a city patrol

Lunar Hoplite, Veteran

Lunar Hoplite, Veteran, Strong one

Lunar Antelope Lancer

Lunar Antelope Lancer Officer

Lunar Cavalry

Lunar Cavalry Officer

Lunar Agent

Lunar Tax Collector

The parties have been updated as well

Lunar Antelope Lancer Party

Lunar Cavalry Patrol

Lunar Hoplite City patrol

Lunar Hoplite City patrol – first response

Lunar Hoplite Field Patrol

Lunar Hoplite Field Patrol, Danfive Xaron

Lunar Peltast City Patrol

Lunar Peltast City Patrol – First Response

Lunar Peltast Field Patrol

Lunar Tax Collectors


The rabble and the nobles (and followers of the bat) will likely follow in the footsteps of the forward troops – they always do.



RQ Encounter and Notes From Pavis futures

There has been some questions related to the RQ Encounter Generator and its content and content on Notes From Pavis – what is the effect of latest news from Chaosium and Design Mechanism about the future of Runequest.

Both the blog and generator with its contents  will continue normal operation as is without interruption – now and in future. I will continue to add content, Gloranthan and otherwise to both the generator and the blog – so stay tuned for new and updated content. When I asked about all the content I have created for these +Jeff Richard has stated today that these are covered by Fan Policy also in future. It is too early to say what ADDITIONAL systems in addition to RQ6 and Magic World will be supported in future, this depends on when rules are available and what the developer decides about additional support. Based on information from +Lawrence Whitaker the changes to future Design Mechanism rules after next July will most likely be errata level changes so system will support that generation of rules as well.

Currently almost all known Gloranthan creatures as we know them today exist as templates to generate enemies from as do almost all cults where there is enough data and even some where data has been extrapolated . There also exist a fair variety of non Gloranthan enemies for example for Mythic Britain. So feel free to add content or generate away from existing content – service works as usual – this is crowd sourced.

More than 2100 templates to generate enemies from. By today more than 126000 enemies generated…

Glimpses of Count Felagga’s Mystic Menagerie – Chaos and Creatures From Distant Lands

Wyrms Footnotes #15 has a wonderful article by Sandy Petersen on a circus with really esoteric exhibits – Count Felagga’s Mystic Menagerie. Here are some of the creatures from the Dangerous Animal Section and the Chamber of Horrors fitted with RQ6 statistics in RQ6 Encounter Generator

  • Pterodactyl Sorn The Chaos ‘birds’ from East isles
  • Rhamphorhynchus Sorn Smaller Sorn species
  • Duocanth The amphibious monster from Kralorela
  • Nandi The beast with excellent memory from Kingdom of Ignorance
  • Xamalki The hulking chaos monster from Pamaltela and East Isles
  • Sparhog The electrifying boar from the hinterlands of Teshnos
Other creatures

Part of Count Felagga’s Mystic Menagerie stats are here.


Spirits in The Night – Beast, Darkness, Death, Chaos and Mastery Spirits in AiG

Spirit societies for Adventures in Glorantha was presented in a previous post. Here are the first adaptations of that for RQ Encounter Generator. Spirits in the Night indeed – the new rules for spirits in Adventures in Glorantha give lots of variation for the spirits to the already great rules for spirits in Runequest 6. The aspect of Runes is shown to much greater extent in the new spirit rules. The rules there are not final yet – so they could change in the Runequest Glorantha book.

Spirit combat can look less deadly with the new rules but variation for the spirits is significantly greater. There are new rules there but here is an adaptation of the AiG spirits that can be used both with or without the new ruleset.In this first set there are spirits for just a few of the runes.

You can find all new spirits in the Spirits in the Night Party if you want to generate just spirits. All the work has been done for you – just generate away…

Spirits who are of Grand status are usually intensity 4 which can be interpreted as run away – fast as you can and hope they do not notice you.

For Mastery rune

  • Mastery Curse Spirit
    • Lesser, Typical, Major, Grand
  • Gloranthan Blessing of the Mastery Spirit
    • Lesser, Typical, Major, Grand
  • Gloranthan Mastery Spirit
    • Lesser, Typical, Major, Grand
  • Ruler spirit – Mastery

For Death rune

  • Death Curse Spirit
    • Lesser, Typical, Major, Grand
  • Disease spirit
    • Lesser, Typical, Major, Grand
    • These are now separate from Sickness spirits. Disease spirits carry only have Gloranthan diseases currently
  • Death Curse Spirit
    • Lesser, Typical, Major, Grand
  • Death Passion Spirit
    • Lesser, Typical, Major, Grand
  • Gloranthan Death’s Blessing Spirit
    • Lesser, Typical, Major, Grand
  • Gloranthan Death Spirit
    • Lesser, Typical, Major, Grand
  • Gloranthan Death Spell Spirit
    • Lesser, Typical, Major, Grand
    • Larger varieties of these can have Rune spells
  • Ruler spirit – Death

For Chaos rune

  • Gloranthan Chaos Spirit
    • Lesser, Typical, Major, Grand
  • Ruler Spirit – Chaos

For Beast rune

  • Gloranthan Beast Spirit
    • Lesser, Typical, Major, Grand
  • Ruler Spirit – Beast

For Darkness Rune

  • Gloranthan Darkness Spirit
    • Lesser, Typical, Major, Grand
  • Darkness Passion Spirit
    • Lesser, Typical, Major, Grand
  • Ruler Spirit – Darkness

Malia initiate, acolyte and high shaman spirit societies have been updated with the new spirits. You can get the new spirit society into use just by generating any of the current foes who use that – for example: this nice Broo Shaman. The other way is just to attach one of the ranks of Malia spirit society into your template. Same goes for Waha (initiate, shaman and high shaman). With Waha I have retained the earth and law spirit association even though Waha does not have Runes for those. I have also retained the ancestor spirits here for the meanwhile. The rest of the spirit societies will come later.

New additional features

  • Spirit Abilities for all the Runes
  • Blessing of the spirit abilities for Death, Mastery
  • Spells for Death rune
  • Gloranthan Diseases contains only the Gloranthan Diseases.


Update on Adventures in Glorantha Take 4: Spirit Societies

In my previous post I presented a version of spirit societies for AiG as part of Gloranthan Cult One pagers for AiG. There were some questions in various forums that caused me to revisit the societies. Now most of the Bless spirits have aspects (skills, mechanisms etc) mentioned that what they might bless or boost. Curse spirits could use the same list. The totem animals have also been updated to provide some totem animal specific skills that bless spirits could boost. All of these are my view and nothing official. Feedback is welcome.

These are the spirit abilities by rune spirit (every spirit has a rune) – some of the abilities are different from RQ6 and then there are new ones. Spirit society has spirits from the runes it holds. I have made assumption that all of those spirits are friendly. Each rune has a list of the kind of spirits it ‘handles’. Each spirit can have multiple different kind of abilities – for example curse spirits are very similar to ones from RAW. Disease spirit is similar to sickness spirit. A spirit can sometimes have multiple abilities. I am somewhat hesitant to go deeper into describing the spirits as the rulebook is meant for that.

Without rulebook it might be just possible to map the names of the spirits to similar ones in RAW. Spirits in AiG are really cool…

So we have a new version of the Glorantha One Pagers for Spirit Societies in AiG