RQ Encounter and Notes From Pavis futures

There has been some questions related to the RQ Encounter Generator and its content and content on Notes From Pavis – what is the effect of latest news from Chaosium and Design Mechanism about the future of Runequest.

Both the blog and generator with its contents  will continue normal operation as is without interruption – now and in future. I will continue to add content, Gloranthan and otherwise to both the generator and the blog – so stay tuned for new and updated content. When I asked about all the content I have created for these +Jeff Richard has stated today that these are covered by Fan Policy also in future. It is too early to say what ADDITIONAL systems in addition to RQ6 and Magic World will be supported in future, this depends on when rules are available and what the developer decides about additional support. Based on information from +Lawrence Whitaker the changes to future Design Mechanism rules after next July will most likely be errata level changes so system will support that generation of rules as well.

Currently almost all known Gloranthan creatures as we know them today exist as templates to generate enemies from as do almost all cults where there is enough data and even some where data has been extrapolated . There also exist a fair variety of non Gloranthan enemies for example for Mythic Britain. So feel free to add content or generate away from existing content – service works as usual – this is crowd sourced.

More than 2100 templates to generate enemies from. By today more than 126000 enemies generated…

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