City Quarter Generator Goes To Glorantha

City Quarter Generator which generates city quarter for Mythic Constantinople era cities and generic fantasy cities now has the first versions of Gloranthan City quarters. There are two versions – Orlanthi City Quarter and Fonrit City Quarter.

Currently the Orlanthi City Quarter generates temples from the Storm Pantheon. Fonrit one generates from Ompalam pantheon. For this first version the probability of gods are even for the city quarter. There are only gods from a single pantheon in the city quarter. Major Temples are more rare, others are evenly distributed to appear. This also may change in the future. There might even be other pantheons appearing.

The contents of the temples are defines by Mythras ruleset – substitute your own favourite distribution and kinds of priests there. For example acolytes seem to come and go in the rulesets.

These would be most likely suitable for larger cities with tenements, multiple professions and stores and multiple temples. My campaign is in Fonrit where this seems to suit well.

Example of Fonrit City Quarter

Example of Orlanthi City Quarter

You can find the tool here

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