Mythras Encounter Generator visits Lyonesse

As the year’s first post here are a few Lyonesse encounters.

Bearded Gryph

Hulk of Cam Brakes




Ska Warrior


For spirit beings only few links are put here as direct links. Rest of them can be found via MeG search for example with tag: Lyonesse


Small Lesser Darkling Greater Elder Ancient Elder


Small, Lesser, Willawen, Greater, Elder, Ancient Elder


Small, Lesser, Merrihew, Greater, Elder, Ancient Elder


Small, Lesser, Quist, Greater, Elder, Ancient Elder


Small, Lesser, Hyslop, Greater, Elder, Ancient Elder

Main page for Mythras Encounter Generator (MeG) is here – more than 3400 ready made templates for NPC – to be generated with just a click of a button

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