Cultists and Traveling Merchants in Monster Island – part 1

The cultists in the Monster Island have not received enough attention. They are lovingly if briefly described at the Monster Island book. That will now be fixed – the dream (or rather the nightmare) of full category of cults in Monster Island will be available in Mythras Encounter Generator.

As a first step there will be four of the known cults in a similar format. When the GM gets the result “Nefarious Cultists” in toolsfrompavis generator – the group of cultists will be chosen those and it will point to appropriate party of cultists in MeG. . You can of course just pick them directly from the MeG itself – either via party or by picking them to your favourite list to generate.

Here are the first ones:

Cultists of Dashatan – the grasping pincer, lord of the seas

  • Cultists of Dashatan party
  • Cultists of Dashatan initiate
  • Cultists of Dashatan, lay member
  • Cultists of Dashatan, lay member, strong one

Cult members have the appropriate cult rank associated with them to make it easier to create additional varieties of the cult. As you might recall the easy way to create cult ranks is to create them as cults in MeG starting from lay member (if needed) or initiate and adding appropriate additional cult rank. As Dashatan only has initiates currently only the Dashatan initiate is available as cult rank created.

Cultists of OMG – Maestro of battle, drinker of blood – the hyena headed goddess

  • Cultists of OMG party
  • Cultists of OMG acolyte
  • Cultists of OMG initiate
  • Cultists of OMG, lay member
  • Cultists of OMG, lay member, strong one

OMG currently lacks a priest in Monster Island.

Cultists of Zululun – Guardian of tombs, herald of revenge

  • Cultists of Zululun party
  • Cultists of Zululun, priest
  • Cultists of Zululun, acolyte
  • Cultists of Zululun initiate
  • Cultists of Zululun, lay member
  • Cultists of Zululun, lay member, strong one

Servants of Jaguar Goddess, Yhounkehd – Prowler of the Night

  • Servants of Jaguar Goddess
  • Priest of Jaguar Goddess
  • Acolyte of Jaguar Goddess
  • Initiate of Jaguar Goddess,
  • Initiate of Jaguar Goddess, Jaguar Form
  • Fast Initiate of Jaguar Goddess
  • Servant of Jaguar Goddess

Servants of Jaguar Goddess have existed earlier but they have been enhanced and additions made.

Trading Caravans in Monster Island

For those that are foolhardy enough to wrest riches from the interior of Monster Island by trading a few trading caravans have been created or enhanced. They appear from Toolsfrompavis generator (Traveling Merchant) randomly or you can pick them individually from MeG

Afadjann Merchant Caravan – one with carriers and guards from the coast

Afadjann Merchant Caravan in Monster Island – one with native carriers and guards from the coast

Primitive Islander Trading Caravan – natives do a lot of trade and are wily merchants

Primitive Merchant Caravan in Monster Island – natives do a lot of trade and are wily merchants

Serpent People Slave Caravan

Umathelan Merchant Caravan – one with carriers and guards from the coast

Zerzura Serpent People Slave Caravan Guards

You will find more information about Mythras Encounter Generator here… and about a typical day in Monster Island here

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