Esrolia,Balazar and Hsunchen – Civilization vs Primitives – Pregenerated Characters


Here are a few more pregenerated starting characters for Encounter Generator . These are useful for those times when you just do not have time to go thru the character generation process. The reasons why (TPK, party member died in the middle of the game, surprise additional player…) are many. These follow the same principles than in the previous pregeneration articles (Standard Barbarians, Nomad Herders and Warriors, Barbarians, City Thieves and Priests) that were usable for example in Pavis and Sartar.

This article expands the scope beyond those standard areas to guests who might arrive.

Esrolia – Civilized

Within Esrolia there is a tiny area called God Forgot where there are traces of Brithini occupation left – godless sorcerers and their caste society.

Esrolians of course have hired help from the north – so it is alright to mix for example Sartarites into the mix. They are also avid travelers – so you might encounter a group of them outside Esrolia especially now that Belintar has disappeared.

You can create entire Esrolia group

On the other end of the spectrum you have the primitives.

Balazar is just north of Dragon Pass and really well described by the Griffin Island book and avidly documented by Jon Hunter at his highly recommended blog Back To Balazar. 

Here are few pregenerated characters for Balazar

A group of them can be easily generated by using

Hsunchen – Animal Totem primitives are living at the edges of the world – thriving where others do not. They are spiritual people living close to nature and one with their animal motifs.

You can generate a group of them by using

All of the pregenerated characters are tied to Gloranthan timelines to make it easy for players to get to the world as explained in this post.



5 responses to “Esrolia,Balazar and Hsunchen – Civilization vs Primitives – Pregenerated Characters

  1. This is really cool, thank you so much!


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