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Few weeks ago I was hit with a really unexpected bill from my service provider and had to shut down the

Big thanks for the support from the tribe – the support is really appreciated.

I changed service providers after this, the cost per month and year for the service to run is higher but it contains no surprises.

The new hosting provider (I searched many) does not support the tools and frameworks I used to create the and I have had to go back to earlier tools I used. I will need to rewrite the Mythras JSON Tool and Mythras Skill Designer tool.

The present

Second service is now up. It is a tool to help with Roll20 (and other tools) – the Mythras JSON Generator tool. It let GM’s search easily for the enemies in Mythras Encounter Generator and then generate a JSON that can be copied to Roll20 as an NPC.

You will also notice that the tool has completely revamped user interface. It also contains links to other tools of use to Mythras GMs.

The future

Next I will work on the remaining tool: Mythras Skill Designer – I expect it to be available around start of year.

Thanks for your support and patience is getting up, first service up

Few weeks ago I was hit with a really unexpected bill from my service provider and had to shut down the

Big thanks for the support from the tribe – the support is really appreciated.

I changed service providers after this, the cost per month and year for the service to run is higher but it contains no surprises.

The new hosting provider (I searched many) does not support the tools and frameworks I used to create the and I have had to go back to earlier tools I used. I will need to rewrite the Mythras JSON Tool and Mythras Skill Desginer tool. I have experimented with a few approaches and now think I know how to get them also available in near future, I hope.

First service that is up now is the original content from the summer. It It contains now only the original page (City Bad Night Encounter Seed Generator, Ship and combat unit generators, NPC look and feel generators, poisons, rumors, diseases etc).

Thanks for your support and patience is down for a bit

There was unexpectedly high invoice from cloud provider. Need to find a new hosting service that is more predictable and for that while the service will be down – hopefully only for few days.

Mythras Character Skill Designer Makes Exploring Character Options and Creating Characters Easier

There is a new tool in early beta at

If you want to design characters relatively quickly Character Skill Designer is there for you to help with the skills part. It (currently) helps to create cultures and careers from the Mythras Core.

It gives the player quick way to design the skill set. In Mythras RAW there is a set of standard and professional skills available per culture and career. Each culture also has different careers available.

So enter the characteristics (Str, Siz, Con etc…) in the tool

So for example if your player has dreamed of being a Nomad Diabolist from Northern Wastes CSD lets him pick Nomad as the culture, Diabolist as a profession. After this tool let’s you select the right amount of professional cultural and career skills (which is max 3).

Next it let’s you see all the skills (including the standard skills that were not available with the culture/profession). The CSD calculates the base percentages for the skills and let’s you sort them by skill% to see how the skills fit players view and where to add cultural or career points.

The skill template has a note for each skill about whether you can use cultural or career points or whether it is just standard. When you are satisfied with the skill combination you can download that as a CSV file.

This will be developed further. There might be some bugs in the combinations, feedback welcome

Example of usage

New tool – Mythras Encounter Generator JSON UI for Roll20 and Campaign Logger Generator update

Mythras Encounter Generator is a tool for generating countless number of NPCs and Enemies to help out the GM and usually oppose the players. It is easy to use and generates either on screen, PDF or PNG format encounters.

But there are other format needs and so far they have been served by building perhaps a bit cryptic URL to generate the JSON. The spell has been cast. By popular request (thanks Bilharzia and others at Discord) there is now a user interface for those who need the JSON format from Mythras Encounter Generator.

Mythras Encounter Generator JSON

This can be useful for those who want to copy the generated enemy to other places for example Roll20.

Select from the left Mythras Encounter Generator JSON and you will after a short while see the below screen.

  • Select the tag you want
  • Within the tag you can search for the name of the enemy if you want.
  • Select the number of enemies (remember Roll20 wants to have only 1 at the time)
  • Select the enemy.
  • Select from the automatically generated list the small blue icon to copy the JSON to clipboard.

Paste the content to program you want for example Roll20.

Tool is available here at

Previously this was only available for those who figured out how to use this with URL format

Gloranthan and Mythras Color

At the same time the generators got a new interface.

It still contains all the generators

  • City Bad Night Encounter Seed Generator
  • Coin Stash Glorantha
  • Random place and region names
  • Fonritan Background
  • Fonritan Person
  • Fonritan Female Person
  • Maslo Agimori
  • Monster Island Tribal Taboos Broken
  • Orlanthi names
  • Savage names
  • Poisons for Mythras
  • Port Today
  • Fonritan Rumors
  • Sartar Background
  • Gloranthan Ships for ships and Shieldwalls
  • Fonritan Town rumour generator
  • Tribal Combat Units for ships and Shieldwalls
  • Tropical Diseases
  • Vadeli person

Mythras Combat Style Traits Encyclopedia V1.2 and Combat Style Cards for Korantia available

Updated the Mythras Combat Style traits with some of the ones I found in Shores of Korantia.

Added couple of combat style cards for Armies and Enemies of Dragon Pass and all of the ones I found in Shores of Korantia, a Thennla Mythras Source book. there are also a few made for a sword and sorcery type of campaign into folder called Black Isle.

Combat Style Cards for Black Isle are:

  • Pirate Brawl
  • Water Dancer
  • Street Fighter

Combat Style Cards for Korantia are:

  • Barbarian Levy
  • Citizen Militia
  • Citizen Cavalry
  • Ashkorite Pikeman
  • Citizen Infantry
  • Targeteer Light Infantry
  • Paladin
  • Agissene Infantry
  • Thennalt Warrior
  • Cloak and Dagger
  • Duelist
  • Knife Fighting
  • Hunter
  • Archery
  • Marksman
  • Slinger
  • Maul
  • Sidearm
  • Swordsman
  • Earth’s Champion
  • Reaver
  • Jekkarene Skirmisher
  • Guardian
  • Jekkarene Marine
  • Swashbuckler

Here is the duelist combat style card as an example.

The encyclopedia file is here and the combat style cards are in a directory here

You can find more about combat style cards here and encyclopedia here

Tactics of selecting combat special effects in Mythras – a result based visualisation

Special effects are one of the best features in Mythras. They can make the fights cinematic and their right use tactically can make you win.

Ulgar the Quick (PC character): I hit the thug and he did not parry – I want to get rid of the opponent’s weapon – what options do I have.

GM: Ushgar the Rabid (PC character) failed to hit and the Ilyan the Constable parried. I want to force Ushgar to do something – what options do I have.

Mongo the Mighty (PC character) : Mongo smashed and the puny opponent failed to parry. I want to hurt the opponent – what options do I have.

Here is a result based approach in mind map form for both defensive and offensive special effects. This should help in getting players (and the GM) to find quickly what special effects to use based on what the winner wants to achieve on his special effect.

You can find pdf of the offensive special effects here and defensive ones here

News mentioning indirectly our gaming group – in Finnish.

Interview about roleplaying in Finland – one of the members of our gaming group interviewed (Lauri)…

Narrow Spaces and Fighting in Mythras

Inspired by discussion on the forums about oversized weapons I added the rule mentioned in Matt E:’s Old Bones adventure Secrets of the Blood Rock to my weapon charts for Mythras. The rule that was mentioned coming up during the editing of Blood Rock adventure handles the fact that some weapon fighting styles are unwieldy in narrow spaces. This mostly has come up in indoor / city scenarios and would come up more often in classic dungeon crawls.

The rule is in 2.5-3 meter wide corridor.  Characters may walk two abreast in most places. Large swung weapons are at a disadvantage: Except for thrusting weapons like spears, each step of Reach above Medium penalizes Combat Style by one grade. Interpretation is that above Medium reach – you need wider than 3 meter per character to fight unhindered. All weapons that have only Impale special effect are thrusting weapons. Weapon that has more special effects mentioned than Impale – can use Impale as a special effect with no penalty – character is basically using the weapon as a thrusting weapon. If character wants to use for example Bleed – it requires to use the fighting style of slashing etc and that comes with penalty.

This is even more true if there is space less than 1.5 meter. Then each step of Reach above Short penalizes Combat Style by one grade.

For some this may be too crunchy for others an elegant addition to counter the illogicality of using great axes or mauls in narrow spaces with equal skill than shortswords and broadswords.

This has been incorporated into the weapon tables so you do not have to remember the rule – you just pick it up with your weapon and mark it to your character sheet.

and close combat situational modifiers

These rules are not in the Rules as Written but can be an elegant addition – consider them optional.

Gloranthan Cult One Pager Pantheon Summaries

Gloranthan Cult One Pagers are an attempt to gather together in a single page (well sometimes two pages) format the main cult information. Currently there are more than 150 cults described.

Now there are summaries of all the cults associated with pantheon. The summaries are by topic. These are meant to be short hand for some key information about all pantheon’s cults in a single file to be easily distributed to your players if you so like.

  • Pantheon Cult Catalogue
  • Pantheon Cult Relationships
  • Pantheon Cult Spell Catalogue
  • Pantheon Cult Personality Traits

These are stored in the pantheon directories together with Cult One Pagers.