Pregenerated Characters for Mythic Rome (Mythras)

I had a request to create pregenerated characters for Mythic Rome for Mythras.

There are situations where you need quickly either many or a single pre generated character. You might be running a one off and do not want to spend any time for creating the characters. There might have been a very nice total party kill early in the game night and players want to still continue. There might have been even an unlucky character death in the middle of the evening. In all these cases you just want to get back to the railroad.

Encounter Generator solves this neatly for Mythras and old RQ6. Here is a first quickie fix for the problem. Here is a pregenerated characters party that can be used both in Late Republic Roman environment. Characters are at novice level. Generation follows majority of the steps included in the chargen – cultures, careers, appropriate weapons for several professions that seem to be universal in Roman times. These are now for Roman native citizens. Late Republic it is rarer for citizens to have military combat styles if you do not have military background.

These follow the same principles than in the previous pregeneration articles  that were more fantasy world based – Glorantha or otherwise (Standard Barbarians, Nomad Herders and Warriors, Barbarians, City Thieves and Priests, Esrolia, Balazar, Hsunchern – Civilization vs Primitives, Larger Variety of Pregenerated Characters for Esrolia and Sartar) that were usable for example in Pavis and Sartar.

Here are the pregen characters for characters at the start of their career

..and the whole group of them


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