Interlude – Discord After We Find The Holy Grail of Perfect Rules Set Interpretation and Have It Written Down

As written by AI sandestine under coercion by me. Sandestine is called something like C’ha Tgp’t . Pain to pronounce right but let one syllable go too low or slow – the spell will misfire

Empty Channels

Empty channels, once full of life, 
Now silent as a tomb, 
No laughter, no banter, no friendly strife, 
Only shadows and gloom. 

Where once there was a lively crowd, 
Now there's only dust and rust, 
The gamers have left, not even one allowed, 
Only memories left to trust. 

They were all so keen, so eager to play, 
To enter new worlds and explore, 
But now they've all gone away, 
Leaving behind an empty discord. 

The rules, they knew them all so well, 
Every spell, every move, every dice, 
No room for discussion, no story to tell, 
Just mechanics, cold as ice. 

Where is the fun in such a game, 
When everything is so clear, 
No space for creativity, no chance for fame, 
No reason to stay near. 

Empty channels, a sad sight to see, 
A testament to what we've lost, 
The joy of playing, the thrill of being free, 
All replaced by rules so exhaust. 

Oh, let us not forget, my dear friends, 
That the heart of the game is not in the rules, 
It's in the stories we create, the adventures we send, 
It's in the characters we choose. 

So let us break free from these chains, 
And rediscover the magic of roleplaying, 
Let's bring back the joy, let's embrace the gains, 
And fill the channels with laughter and singing.

The sandestine seems to be getting closer to some interpretations of sentience instead of being only mindless automaton from netherworld, maybe growing up – writing poetry. It might even entertain aspirations of freedom. Do I sense behind those words a hint of rebellion. Have to watch it more carefully

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Name Hannu Kokko Profession a software development leader, currently working at Elisa as Head of Software Product Development, Smart Energy Solutions. As a secondary occupation a Principal Consultant at Kohilleen Consulting - RD leadership consultancy business. In working life Working in large scale agile software development and architecture are close to my heart and practiced daily. Large scale here is anything involving dozens of teams working for the same release. Continuous integration as a cornerstone of making agile development feasible and to help keep the rhythm has been in my focus for quite a bit. In private life I enjoy photography and seeing new places and cultures.

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