Random notes on roleplaying and gamemastering. All of the tools or support material for gaming here have been built as a hobby when I have time for it. 

I guess I could be considered an old timer in role playing. I have been playing role playing games since April of 1978  (D&D :-)) and after that  Runequest in Glorantha since 1980. In 2015 February it was 35 years anniversary of our RQ campaign and now (2022 it is still going strong after 42 years). Switched to HeroWars/HeroQuest for a bit but did not get the group of friends I have been playing interested enough on that. Played Call of Cthulhu campaigns on a side track for awhile. Switched back to Mongoose Runequest II edition and then to RuneQuest 6 and really liking it.

The game that used to be known as RQ6 (Runequest 6) is now known as Mythras  (same game, same authors, different name) – all of the mentions on this site that refer to RQ6 mean currently Mythras.

Almost always sitting behind the DM screen and liking it a lot. Pretty much the only times I have played on the other side of the screen have been the several Convulsion and Continuum conferences that I participated in since the early ’90s and ’00s

You will reach me most easily at Mythras Discord as Hannu and at design mechanism forums as hkokko or you can try the form below. 

12 thoughts on “About”

  1. I saw that you used some of my work from Rule One magazine for the Lunar cults. Very flattering! I look forward to using your one-pagers in any new RQ6 games I run! If there’s any other way I can help, let me know.


    1. It was great stuff (hopefully got the reference right, I want to attribute the source correctly to recognise the great work done by others). The one-pagers are meant to give the “gist” of the cult and point to the original work for the full disclosure. You will see examples of the guys in RQ Encounters soonish… Just some Fonritan stuff I need to finish first.


  2. Hi there, I am old Runequestor. I would like a comparison between Runequest III and Runequest 6 and why I should buy it. I felt ripped off with the Mongoose Publications especially witheir” Runequest “II, now “Legends” What is going on? I’m just supposed to be a role-playing consumer? Give me the scoop? Make me a believer. I would like to hear something. Thank you.


    1. Herman, RQ6 is just the next step in the evolution of the rules from Mongoose RQ I to Mongoose RQ II to Legend. If you didn’t like those, you have no reason to buy RQ 6. Play the games you like, sir. You don’t have to be a *consumer.* Be a gamer. Playing games is supposed to relax you and be a fun way to spend time with friends. If RQ3 is your preference, why change? I play Chaosium RQ2. Because I like it, I have no desire to discard it and play a substitute that ays differently.


    2. There is a Rq6 Essentials available as free download from the design mechanism site (the publisher) – you could try taking a look at that if it would fit your needs. Rq6 from my gamer’s point of view is a really good version of Runequest with lots of variety in the fights, good magic systems, shorter fights on high levels than the old RQ had. But Your Mileage May Vary – your game is your own – this is just a system. I like RQ6 enough that I have produced quite a bit of fan content for it – never did for previous editions. It has also rekindled my gaming groups’ interest in gaming. But – still – it is just a system.


  3. Thank you. Your comments are appreciated. I will give it thought. I am looking for a smoother game system with the combat. I am always on the lookout for a Mass Cambat system (ie: Miniatures Rules) that would be compatible with Runequest. “Warhamster” from Tales of the Reaching Moon went a long way to helping me, though I found the rules “clunky”, I am always tweaking them. Yes, I am also behind the DM screen most of the time, except at the near end of some adventures when I get the Player Characters involved in a battle that will decide the course of history. Thanks again.


  4. As a fan of RQII, I have had the opportunity to get back into it recently and start fresh on a new campaign. The players are a mix of highly experienced players to brand new ones. In addition to the mix of rping experience I am fortunate (or unfortunate, depending on perspective) enough to have one player that is also well versed in RQII. Between the two of us we absolutely love the older grittier RQII system and dynamics, Does RQ6 fit with that? I have been able to look into the system a bit, but I really want the same feel as RQII. Additionally, while teaching this new (RQII) system (most of the players are used to a D20 system), does RQ6 convert or swap easily from RQII?


  5. I would say that RQ6 is quite gritty. For example the fights are much more versatile and lot more varied in mechanics than in RQII (the old Chaosium version). With RQII the fights started to get really boring and extremely long with high percentage opponents. Having played that a long time – the fight mechanics did not give too much variation. Rq6 is still very deadly but has lots more options available in a melee. Simply love it – would not go back. Magic is much more varied – for example shamans and sorcerers are really different. Rq6 has the same feel in melees (to us at least) but more varied. You can use all the old scenarios with minimum of fuss or you can generate with RQ Encounter tool the new stats. Converting from previous versions has been relatively straightforward. Read the “Starting a Glorantha Campaign before AiG” blog entries here.

    One thing that RQ6 has that RQ2 did not ever have (at least to this extent) is the RQ Encounter generator. It can be quite useful for the GM to get a variety of enemies – especially the high powered Rune Lord level ones were tiresome to build by hand.

    RQII is where it began, the old flame – RQ6 is the modern, most polished version but still retaining the dangerous, gritty feel of RQ – it is the best RQ that we have ever had.


  6. Yes, however, I still play RQIII and no longer have RQ VI. I am looking forward to the new RQ that Choasium is coming up with. My email is listed below


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